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Looking For Home

The vast Aspen Mountain vistas have turned yellow and fallen rapidly within a few unexpected freezes, made more so by the first snows in the past several weeks. The snow is usually evaporated or melted within four or five days,

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A Brief Respite

Returning home from Santa Fe, after a full day of escorting friends through O’Keeffe Country (Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, Rio Chama and Echo Amphitheater), the darkening clouds of what became our first installment of a too brief season of rain formed in the mountains before me. Over the Jemez, above Los Alamos, against a blackening backdrop of clouds and rain were breaks of intense luminescence highlighting the lush green landscape of the rejuvenating charred remains of the forest, destroyed in the Great Fire of 2011.   The mountains—appearing soft and lush—transported me to the treeless mountains of Ireland; stripped

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The Nervous Season

During this time of renewal and growth, the world crossed the strange mark of one year of pandemic; however, the pandemic is still going strong in many places due to pandemic fatigue, acute loneliness and sheer impatience on the parts

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The Darkening Season

Facebook Twitter Youtube These days, of the year winding down, are exciting if you are living in the Washington DC metropolitan area. An administration transition brings whole new groups of people into the city as whole groups leave or seemingly

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