It’s Beautiful [Documentary]

Dear readers,

I invite you to now become viewers of “It’s Beautiful,” a documentary that marvelously explores the nature of beauty in all its sublimity in wonder.

I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed for this film. You can watch my clip below. Miko Nincic, the film’s director and producer, has graciously given me permission to share it with you.

Part of the focus of divine beauty is always to point us into the light, to point us into something bigger, larger, and grander than we have been able to imagine… We understand beauty only in relationship to the darkness. Without the contrasts, the point is missed completely.

Miko shares more about it:

Beauty is one of our most cherished human values. People regularly exposed to beauty feel better and behave differently than people trapped in the grim and ugly. This film examines the ways in which we enjoy and create beauty; it also identifies the obstacles that stand in the way of beauty in this day and age.

Learn more about the documentary on his website, and follow Melibe Productions to learn when you can see the feature length film. I assure you, it is wonderful.

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